Stainless Steel Bottle

Stainless steel bottle industry analysis
Stainless steel bottle is a kind of pressure vessel. The stainless steel bottle industry is a cross-industry involving many industries and has an important position in the national economy. Stainless steel materials are also indispensable raw materials for the chemical and electronics industries. Because the price of raw materials and market conditions determine the cost of the stainless steel bottle industry. Of course, the stainless steel bottle industry as a supply industry also affects the development of related industries. Therefore, different industries are a mutually influential and mutually reinforcing relationship.

Precautions for the use of stainless steel bottles
Although stainless steel bottles have the advantage of good corrosion resistance and good weldability, there are still a few points to note when using them:
1. Stainless steel bottles are not suitable for long-term storage of vinegar, soy sauce, juice and other spices, therefore, try not to hold these liquids.
2. When using stainless steel bottles, remember not to use them for cooking Chinese medicine.
3. Do not use strong alkaline chemicals to wash the bottle, and do not use a steel ball to scrub hard to avoid destroying the material layer on the surface.
4. Do not place the heat preservation container near a heat source such as a stove to prevent the parts from being deformed by heat.
5. Be careful to gently put, do not squeeze, impact, to avoid deformation and depression of the container, reduce insulation performance.
6. Please check the vacuum bottle and cup stopper from time to time. If the plug is found to be broken or worn, it should be replaced immediately. Also avoid hot water leaking and scalding the human body.
7. When using hot water in stainless steel, do not overfill it to avoid hot water spills.


Post time: Oct-16-2019

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