• Enamel Cup

    The enamel cup is a cup that is coated with a layer of ceramic glaze on the surface of the metal cup and fired at a high temperature to effectively rust the metal and resist the erosion of various liquids. Use of enamel cups Before using the enamel cup for the first time, it is recommended to wa...
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  • Tumbler Cups

    Tumbler Cups

    The principle of the tumbler cup is that the bottom is a thick circular arc, and the cup is light and heavy, so the weight is mainly concentrated at the bottom. The bottom contact surface is small, and the cup can be shaken when moving. The cup can be picked up at will, and the tumbler cup does n...
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  • Outdoor Drinking Water Bottles

    Outdoor Drinking Water Bottles

    Preparing water is an important part of outdoor sports, especially during dry and hot seasons. Drinking water is more demanding. If you do not pay attention to the water, it is easy to have mild dehydration in outdoor activities for a long time. Because some medical workers have shown that even i...
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  • Stainless Steel Bottle

    Stainless steel bottle industry analysis Stainless steel bottle is a kind of pressure vessel. The stainless steel bottle industry is a cross-industry involving many industries and has an important position in the national economy. Stainless steel materials are also indispensable raw materials for...
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  • Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask

    Stainless steel vacuum flask use precautions 1. When using the vacuum flask for the first time, it should be thoroughly washed with a neutral detergent. The vacuum flask cannot hold liquids such as juice, milk, green tea or carbonated beverage for a long time. Because these substances are easy to...
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  • Silicone Shot Cup

    The silicone shot cup is a silicone quilt made from the raw material of food grade silicone. It can be used for promotion or gift delivery, and can be adapted to the needs of advertising and printed with specific logos and patterns. It has the characteristics of radiation protection, high tempera...
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  • Silicone Cup Coasters

    Benefits of silicone cup coasters With the popularity of silicone technology, many silicone products have emerged. Like silicone kitchen utensils, silicone gloves, silicone coasters and more. So when it comes to silicone coasters, what is its function? I believe that when you go to have a coffee...
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  • Travel Water Bottle

    Travel water bottle selection tips: The travel water bottle is specially used for traveling and carrying the water bottle during business trips. Generally, the travel water bottle is lighter, more portable and more durable than the ordinary water bottle. It is already the basic configuration of t...
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  • Shoe Keychains

    Use of shoe keychains: Today’s key chains come in a variety of shapes. For those who like shoes, they need a shoe keychain. Therefore, there are many shoe key chains of different shapes on the market, and they are very light and beautiful. Many merchants have made different shoe keychains a...
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  • Change Purse

    The role of the change purse: The change purse is a small bag that is easy to carry. The role of the change purse is not only to install some change, but also to install small items that are relatively easy to lose. Going out, there must be a lot of small and small pieces to carry, such as transp...
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  • Coin Pouch

    The role of the coin pouch: In daily life, when you usually take public transportation, you sometimes forget to bring a card or a mobile phone to temporarily disconnect the network. At this time, you can solve this trouble problem with just a few coins, saving time for change. However, coins ofte...
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  • How to buy plush toys?

    Plush toys are one of the favorite toys for children and young people, but there are all kinds of plush toys on the market. Therefore, it is especially important to buy good plush toys. The following are the important things to buy when buying plush toys. What time is it: 1. First of all to consi...
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