• Silicone Coasters

    Silicone coasters have certain tension, flexibility and excellent insulation. Silicone pad has good flexibility and meets different needs. According to its good characteristics, silicone pads are widely used in electronics, industry and home. Silicone for coasters is a non-toxic, environmentally ...
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  • Silicone Trivet

    A trivet is a support that is used to stabilize the camera to achieve certain photographic effects. The positioning of the tripod is very important. According to the material classification, the trivet can be divided into wood, high-strength plastic material, alloy material, steel material, volca...
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  • Children’s Clasp Coin Purse

    In our lives,almost everyone has one bag at least, and of course children are no exception. In addition to school bags, they also have their own coin purses. With the development of life, mini-objects are becoming more and more popular, whether it is adults or children. In addition to the large ...
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  • Holiday Notice

    Well Gift start Chinese New Year holiday from Jan 20 to 31, and resume work on Feb 1, 2020. Welcome to send us inquiry during the holiday, as we got staff on duty to respond to, but sorry if there is any delay or inconvenience, thanks for your understanding!
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  • Silicone straws are so good, you still don’t use them?

    Silicone straws are so good, you still don’t use them?

    Most silicone straws are cylindrical, but some are square, oval and other shaped. In daily life, we should drink milk tea, yogurt, drinks and other occasions, we use silica gel straw at most. Introduction of silica gel straw: Most silicone straws are cylindrical, but some are square, oval, etc. I...
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  • What are the advantages of exquisite silicone ashtray?

    What are the advantages of exquisite silicone ashtray?

    Do we often hear a word from smokers in life: a cigarette after a meal, a live god, a man who does not smoke, a woman who does not lean on, etc. This can actually explain a problem-there are really many smokers, so have we seen a lot of ashtrays we often use? At least I’ve seen glass, plast...
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  • Stainless steel ice cubes, easier to use and cleaner than ice cubes

    Stainless steel ice cubes, easier to use and cleaner than ice cubes

    Learn about stainless steel “ice cubes” This World Cup finally kicked off last night ~ Nini Rabbit followed the Big Bear to watch the audience. When Russia scored the fifth goal, Big Bear almost jumped up, and then drank cold beer stably and excitedly. Summer goes well with ice drink...
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  • Enamel Cup

    Enamel Cup

    The enamel cup is a cup that is coated with a layer of ceramic glaze on the surface of the metal cup and fired at a high temperature to effectively rust the metal and resist the erosion of various liquids. Use of enamel cups Before using the enamel cup for the first time, it is recommended to wa...
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  • Tumbler Cups

    Tumbler Cups

    The principle of the tumbler cup is that the bottom is a thick circular arc, and the cup is light and heavy, so the weight is mainly concentrated at the bottom. The bottom contact surface is small, and the cup can be shaken when moving. The cup can be picked up at will, and the tumbler cup does n...
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  • Outdoor Drinking Water Bottles

    Outdoor Drinking Water Bottles

    Preparing water is an important part of outdoor sports, especially during dry and hot seasons. Drinking water is more demanding. If you do not pay attention to the water, it is easy to have mild dehydration in outdoor activities for a long time. Because some medical workers have shown that even i...
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  • Stainless Steel Bottle

    Stainless steel bottle industry analysis Stainless steel bottle is a kind of pressure vessel. The stainless steel bottle industry is a cross-industry involving many industries and has an important position in the national economy. Stainless steel materials are also indispensable raw materials for...
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  • Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask

    Stainless steel vacuum flask use precautions 1. When using the vacuum flask for the first time, it should be thoroughly washed with a neutral detergent. The vacuum flask cannot hold liquids such as juice, milk, green tea or carbonated beverage for a long time. Because these substances are easy to...
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