Tumbler Cups

The principle of the tumbler cup is that the bottom is a thick circular arc, and the cup is light and heavy, so the weight is mainly concentrated at the bottom. The bottom contact surface is small, and the cup can be shaken when moving. The cup can be picked up at will, and the tumbler cup does not easily pour the liquid out of the ordinary cups because the center of gravity of the cup is at the bottom.

The magic is that the tumbler cups are placed on a smooth and flat surface, like a table, glass, etc, the cup will be attached to the table, the cup can be picked up and put down at will, and it will not feel laborious.




How does the tumbler work?
Usually, the object is in a state of being light and heavy, and the state is relatively stable, that is, the lower the center of gravity, the more stable. When the tumbler state is in equilibrium, the distance between the center of gravity and the contact point is the smallest, that is, the center of gravity is the lowest. After deviating from the equilibrium position, the center of gravity always rises. Therefore, this state is a stable balance. This is why the tumbler always swings in any way.




Post time: Oct-28-2019

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