The baking process of glass cups

Glass baking technique refers to baking and printing patterns on glass to make the glass more beautiful. Therefore, the quality of the flower roasting process will also affect the quality of the cup to a certain extent. So let’s give a detailed introduction to the glass cup flower baking technique.

Some double-layer glass cups have a darker background color, so other colors cannot be directly printed on polyvinyl butyraldehyde film to make decorative paper. On the contrary, the white background color must first be printed on the polyvinyl butyraldehyde film, and then other colors must be printed on the white background color, so that the color of the decorative paper will not be covered by the background color of the glass during the baking process.

During the baking process of double-layer glass cups, colored glazed cups also require special wiping treatment because the polyvinyl butyral film on the paper is prone to remain on the surface of the colored glazed cup. The appearance of this layer of film printing is due to the dark background color of the double-layer glass, and the white printing of the polyvinyl butyraldehyde film, which is suitable for a deep cup background color and is obvious on the outside. However, it was meaningless to apply the film seal at that time because during the baking process, the film seal had already been baked into the glaze of the cup.

Therefore, if glass manufacturers want to get rid of film printing, they need to thoroughly wipe the glass after manual decals, and immediately wipe it again after baking to clean the film printed products.

So in the process of baking glass flowers, more attention should be paid to the above content to avoid improper processing and damage to the cup, so the gains and losses are not worth it.

Post time: Feb-29-2024

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