Disadvantages of glass

The texture is slightly heavier, it is easy to break, too high temperature will break, children are not safe, they cannot be thrown, transportation troubles, dirt resistance, not heat insulation, no insulation, not refrigerated, moldy.

Improvement method of glass:

Sometimes the requirements of life must not be completed in technical, and sometimes the technical application of applications in life has become superfluous, hindering people’s living habits. Technology and life are contradictory. In any case, at least the situation of technology and life must be at least beautiful, easy to use, and prevent it from being easy to burn.

Classification of glass:

Cup can be divided into single -layer glass, double -layer glass, crystal glass, glass office cup, glass mouth cup, etc. Double -layer glass, as the name suggests, is divided into two layers when the glass is made, and it can play a role in heat insulation and scalding when used.

The raw materials of the double -layer glass are high -borosilica glass, food -grade catering -grade glass, which is fired by more than 600 degrees of high temperature. It is usually a high borosilicon glass cup pipe. And it is a new type of environmental protection tea cup, which is increasingly favored by people.

Post time: Apr-01-2023

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