What information do I need to provide for customizing glass product gifts

When choosing glass products as gifts, we mainly need to consider the following points:

The selection of glass materials: high-end crystal materials, K9 materials, K5 materials, ultra white and high white glass are all within the scope of gifts. Based on the cost budget, decide which material to choose. Low end plain white materials are not recommended for gift customization.

The unique and exquisite design of glass products requires design engineers to brainstorm a structural shape that is not available on the market, and customize molds to produce finished products based on the design drawings.

Regarding the logo aspect, it can be added during mold opening, or post-processing methods can be chosen, such as hot stamping, hand drawn gold, baked gold, electroplating, etc

In terms of packaging, it is necessary to choose according to the identity, status, and occasion of the gift recipient. The packaging varies depending on the business, banquet, and conference occasions.

So when customizing gifts, we need to provide 1. product design drawings, 2. finished product delivery drawings, 3. appearance design drawings, packaging design drawings, and confirm the quality of the glass and packaging materials one by one based on the cost budget.

Post time: Jan-30-2024

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