What are the types and characteristics of baby bottles

There are two main types of baby bottles, glass and plastic.

Glass material:

Suitable for newborn babies, advantages: good safety, good heat resistance, not easy to scratch, not easy to hide dirt, easy to clean, etc.

【Advantages of glass feeding bottles】

Harmless: The biggest advantage of glass material is that it has no toxic substances.

Easy to clean: It is clean and fresh after using for a long time, easy to brush.

Warm milk quickly: The glass has good thermal conductivity, and it is faster to warm milk to the baby.

[Disadvantages of glass feeding bottles]

The bottle is heavier: it is not easy for the baby to hold and drink milk.

Fragile: If broken, it will cause harm to the safety of the baby.

Hot hands: Mothers can easily burn their hands if they are not careful when pouring milk into their babies.

Summary: Glass feeding bottles are suitable for newborn babies.

Post time: Jun-23-2022

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