What are the material classifications of glass cups?

1. Sodium calcium glass cup
Sodium calcium glass cup is the most common type of glass cup and also a very ordinary glass cup. Sodium calcium glass, from its name, we can tell that its main components are silicon, sodium, and calcium. Sodium calcium glass appears in the production of glass cups and will be widely used. Due to its low cost, it will also be used in construction and other daily glass products.

2. Tempered glass cups
Tempered glass cups are reprocessed products of ordinary glass, and their cost is 10% higher than ordinary glass cups. Tempered glass cups are usually used as wine glasses. Tempered glass cups have poor heat resistance. When the ambient temperature changes dramatically, the presence of nickel sulfide can easily cause the cup to burst. Therefore, tempered glass cups are not suitable for pouring boiling water.

3. High borosilicate glass cup
High borosilicate glass cup is a type of glass water cup that is resistant to high temperature and cold. Its heat resistance is very good, so it is usually used to make glass tea sets. A good glass teapot is made of high borosilicate glass, and the transparency of high borosilicate glass is very good, with uniform thickness and crisp sound.

Post time: Jan-30-2024

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