What are the advantages of double-layer glass

1. It is not easy to absorb other flavors

During the production process of the double-layer glass water cup, due to the special fineness of the material, the absorption and adsorption capacity of other flavors is not strong, so the produced double-layer glass water cup even if you want to drink light water after brewing strong tea, it is better to drink it. When the water is light, you can’t smell the strong tea before.

2. Friction resistance

During the production process of the double-layer glass water cup, due to the relatively high hardness of the material, the double-layer water cup produced is particularly resistant to friction. For those who have a dishwasher at home, the dishwasher can also be cleaned directly. Double glass water bottle.

3. Good material

Compared with ordinary glass water cups, the double-layer glass water cups are made of stronger materials, and the materials of the double-layer glass water cups are also relatively fine. The cups are not easy to be stained with water during use, and they are easy to clean. More convenient.

4. Not easy to crack

Compared with the single-layer glass, the double-layer glass has higher technological requirements. Due to the higher technological requirements, the double-layer glass is not easy to crack like the single-layer glass.

5. The appearance is more unique

In the process of making the double-layer glass water bottle, because there is a layer of glass inside and a layer of glass outside, it looks better than single-layer glass in terms of appearance, and its aesthetic value is wider than that of single-layer glass.

6. Good thermal insulation effect

Compared with the single-layer glass water cup, the double-layer glass water cup is made of double-layer glass, and it has also been melted at high temperature during production. Cups are much better.

7. Prevent burns

If you want to buy a glass for yourself, it is recommended to buy a double-layered glass. Compared with a single-layered glass, the double-layered glass will not be hot if there is boiling water in it. If the temperature is relatively high, the single-layer water bottle is easy to burn.

Post time: Aug-02-2022

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