How to deal with cracks in double-layer glass

When double-layer glass is used, sometimes because of carelessness, cracks may occur, which not only affects the appearance but also brings hidden dangers to use, so we need to deal with the cracks in time. The treatment methods are introduced below:

With the development of society, the progress of science and technology. Basically, there are no materials that cannot be repaired or repaired. Even if you break the double-layer glass, there are some special materials that can restore it to its original state. However, if these problems occur in our daily life, it may be It will be more tricky, because it’s basically impossible to use techniques like those with stronger repair capabilities in our lives, and the daily necessities we use are actually not suitable to use this technique to repair, because in general The cost is relatively high.

However, we can use egg white to repair the double-layer glass after cracks or even water leakage. However, the double-layer glass repaired by this method is not suitable for heating. If you use the repaired glass If it is mixed with hot water, it is very likely that cracks will appear again, because egg whites are not heat-resistant, but drinks with lower temperatures are still acceptable.

Therefore, pay attention to the severity of the cracks when dealing with double-layer glass cracks. If the problem is minor, we can take the above methods to repair it. If the problem is serious, I suggest you replace it with a new glass, so as not to continue to use it and bring hidden dangers to yourself.

Post time: Jul-19-2021

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