Wine glass classification

Champagne glasses with traditional appearance, perfect proportions, suitable for all kinds of champagne and fruit sparkling wine. Among all the glasses, only champagne glasses can be filled with half a glass or more.

   The classic martini glass with a flared body provides enough space for ice cubes and other cocktail ingredients.

The long glass with high-grade sparkling wine, its brilliance comes from its multi-layered nature and maturity, the slightly belly-shaped body can radiate and collect the aroma of the wine, and with its upward tapering shape, make the wine fragrance Concentrated into the nasal cavity of the drinker, and for the bubbles in the wine, this wine glass provides them with enough space. This wine glass has a special name in France called Perlage. It is suitable for champagne and high-end Prestige Cuvees, as well as sparkling wines produced in Italy (T.alento, Spumante), Spain (Cava), Germany, Austria (Sekt) and the United States in special ages.

  The traditional shape of the wine glass is paired with slightly acidic white wine. Because their scent is usually emitted from the beginning, there is no need for a special “volatile” in the wine glass. The corresponding wine glass is slender. Along the slightly expanded edge of the glass, the tongue can immediately feel the freshness and specialness of the wine. It is suitable for mature, dry or mildly fruity Riesling Spatlesen from Germany and Austria, Grand Cru-Rieslinge from Elsaesser region, or Sauvignon Blanc with strong fragrance, mellow Crau-burgunder and Gewurztraminer with floral fragrance.

  The beautifully shaped distilled water glass has a spherical body and a slender neck, which can ensure that the fragrance of the wine can diffuse into the nose. Suitable for high-end fruit wines, such as: fruit brandy (Williams, Marille, Pflaumen) and high-end berry shochu, such as: Framboise, Wacholder,

  Small tight-mouthed wine glasses can be used for sweet-flavored spirits and fruity brandy. The appearance of the wine is attractive and it is noble in bar drinks. It is suitable for sweet and fragrant vanilla spirits, bitter spirits, and cocktail spirits like Cherny Heeinng, Adrocaat, Sanbuca, Contresu, etc.

Post time: Jan-18-2021

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