What are the advantages of exquisite silicone ashtray?

Do we often hear a word from smokers in life: a cigarette after a meal, a live god, a man who does not smoke, a woman who does not lean on, etc. This can actually explain a problem-there are really many smokers, so have we seen a lot of ashtrays we often use? At least I’ve seen glass, plastic, paper, ceramic, and even simple cans. So what are their respective disadvantages? Fragile, not durable, not environmentally friendly, and more! In particular, environmental protection is really important for the present planet. Last night, I read a news about this meaning. “Now people all over the world are eating plastic. Almost 80% of people have plastic particles in their bodies, which are produced every year. Seventy percent of the tens of billions of plastic garbage can be recycled, and hundreds of millions of plastic garbage are being discarded. 80% of these hundreds of millions of plastic garbage flows to the ocean. According to the news, garbage was found in the ocean at a depth of 1W meters. It is very difficult for the earth to find a piece of pure land. Some whales have eaten garbage until they run aground. There are entangled turtles, fish, and so on. ” As human beings on the earth, we hope to make an effort for environmental protection.
What are the advantages of exquisite silicone ashtray
Not much to say Here are the advantages of several silicone ashtrays:
1. Check the table where the ashtray is placed. Is there a lot of ashtrays on it? Do we have to be careful when cleaning the table top and ashtray, for fear of breaking the glass ashtray? Then it’s time to say goodbye to our silicone ashtray. This ashtray made of silicone is made by high-temperature vulcanization. You don’t need to worry about burning it. When you need to clean ashtray, you don’t need to worry about it breaking down. It has high tearing property and will give you the intention. Falling is not bad when dropped from high altitude, so the problem of not falling is a very good solution to the needs of KTV, hotels and other public places!
2. Environmental protection: When it comes to environmental protection, the two best inventions and the two most failed inventions in human history are it, plastic and gasoline! Plastic ashtray Ashtray was originally born for the problem of not falling! However, it can be broken by smashing it hard, and it is mostly brittle, and it will easily break in a few years. However, it is not environmentally friendly in some places and environments, but silicone is not the same. It does not emit harmful substances to the human body.
3. Lifetime: Among all kinds of ashtrays, the life expectancy of the glass material is estimated to be the longest, and its non-itching property is estimated to exist for hundreds of years, right? But it doesn’t have a mess, plastic ages fast. So what is the life of the silicone material? Usually about 10 years. In these kinds of materials can be regarded as medium editor!
4. Plasticity: What is plasticity? In simple terms, it is the shape, so that its appearance, internal, visual, color and other aspects, the silicone plasticity is quite high, only in a small product such as ashtray can make round, square, shaped, etc It can be said that making colorful is not exaggerated or mixed colors, two colors, etc., the visual impact is very exquisite!
Summary: Safety and environmental protection, anti-fall, anti-hanging desktop, high temperature resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, non-deformation, good feel, beautiful appearance, colorful colors! A silicone ashtray all meets these advantages, you deserve it!
I would like to remind everyone that quitting smoking as soon as possible is good for your health, and quitting smoking can reduce the harm to your health!

Post time: Dec-25-2019

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