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How to remove the scale in the water bottle:
The water bottle is a commonly used appliance. However, if the kettle is used for a long time, the scale will be generated inside. The method for removing the scale in the kettle mainly includes the following:
1. Pour the loofah and water into the kettle for cooking. After a while, remove the scale.
2. Descaling agents can also be purchased on the market to descale the kettle.
3. Another method is to pour a small amount of vinegar into the kettle, and then heat it up to achieve the purpose of descaling.
4. The most direct way is to burn the kettle without adding water for a while, then gently tap it, which can also descale. However, this method is used to remove the scale of the kettle and it is necessary to pay attention to safety during the operation. Avoid scalding yourself.

How to choose water bottle:
1. Choose a brand. Generally, the quality of the kettle with a certain brand awareness is relatively reliable. Choose a kettle to look for a 3C certification mark. Do not choose a kettle that does not meet the standard for the sake of cheapness.
2. Choose a kettle to choose stainless steel. Generally, the types of stainless steel are as follows: SUS304, 202 stainless steel and 201 stainless steel. Generally used food grade stainless steel.
3. Choose plastic material. Usually plastic water bottles use PP plastic. However, many kettle brands on the market use recycled plastics in order to reduce costs. Long-term use will release harmful substances into water and air, which will harm the body. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy a plastic water bottle.
4. Look at the thermostat. The thermostat of the kettle has anti-dry protection, reliable operation and long service life.
5. Select the lid. The lid is divided into a plastic lid and a stainless steel lid. It is still recommended to buy a stainless steel lid.
6. Look at the switch position. The switch position has an upper switch and a lower switch. It is recommended to choose the electric kettle with the lower switch. Although the price is higher, it is stable and reliable and has a long service life.
7. Look at the manufacturing process. Good products, work will be more elaborate. On the contrary, the roughness of the work of poor quality products can be seen by the naked eye.
8. Look at the volume. According to actual needs, you can choose different sizes of kettles.

How to use the electric water bottle:
When using the electric water bottle, place the electric water bottle on a level surface. After turning on the power, press the water switch again. Make sure that there is water in the pot. Do not dry it. Moreover, the water should not be too full, so as to prevent the water from overflowing outside the pot when it is opened, and the base is wetted, causing leakage. Be sure to turn off the power after the water is turned on, and then unplug the power plug before pouring water.
Electric water bottle boiling water because of its high thermal efficiency, electric kettle boiled water, only a few minutes, so pay attention to the water opening time. Also avoid being burned. After the electric water bottle is used for a period of time, a layer of white scale will be formed in the pot, and the scale has an adverse effect on the human body, so the descaling treatment is performed after a period of use.

Post time: Jul-30-2019

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