The structure and classification of glasses

Due to the similarities and differences of glass materials, the pattern process mainly includes silk screen printing and decorative paper baking.

The screen printing is a single color, the pattern is simple, and the method of making a plate and brushing ink.

The decorative paper can be in multiple colors, and usually cannot have gradual colors, that is, standard red, yellow, blue, etc.

Structural classification

The glass cup is divided into double-layer glass and single-layer glass. The production process is different. The double layer is mainly adapted to the needs of advertising cups. The company’s logo can be printed on the inner layer for promotional gifts or gifts, etc., and the insulation effect is more Outstanding.

Classification of materials and uses

Crystal glass, glass office cup, glass cup, tail glass, tailless glass. The holding time of the tail cup is not as short as the vacuum cup. The tailless cup is the vacuum cup for a long time.

Post time: Nov-24-2021

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