The difference between milk in a glass bottle and milk in a carton

Glass bottled milk: It is usually sterilized by pasteurization (also known as pasteurization). This method uses a lower temperature (usually 60-82 ° C), and heats the food within a specified time, which not only achieves the purpose of disinfection but does not damage the quality of the food. It was named after the invention of French microbiologist Pasteur.

Carton milk: Most of the carton milk on the market is sterilized by ultra high temperature short time sterilization (ultra high temperature short time sterilization, also known as UHT sterilization). This is a sterilization method that uses high temperature and short time to kill harmful microorganisms in liquid food. This method not only preserves the flavor of the food, but also kills harmful microorganisms such as pathogenic bacteria and heat-resistant spore-forming bacteria. Sterilization temperature is generally 130-150 ℃. Sterilization time is generally a few seconds.

Second, there are differences in nutrition, but the differences are not significant.

Glass bottled milk: After the fresh milk is pasteurized, except for the slight loss of vitamin B1 and vitamin C, the other components are similar to the freshly squeezed milk.

Carton milk: The sterilization temperature of this milk is higher than that of pasteurized milk, and the nutrient loss is relatively high. For example, some heat-sensitive vitamins (such as B vitamins) will be lost by 10% to 20%. will continue to lose nutrients.

Therefore, in terms of nutritional value, carton milk is slightly inferior to glass bottled milk. However, this nutritional difference will not be too pronounced. Instead of struggling with this nutritional difference, it is better to drink enough milk at ordinary times.

In addition, pasteurized glass bottled milk needs to be refrigerated, does not have a long shelf life like carton milk, and is more expensive than carton milk.

In short, there is a certain difference in nutrition between these two kinds of milk, but it is not very big. Which one to choose depends on the individual situation. For example, if you have a refrigerator that is convenient for storage, you can drink milk almost every day, and if economic conditions allow, drinking milk in glass bottles is quite good. If it is not convenient to refrigerate food and want to drink milk from time to time, then it may be better to choose milk in a carton.

Post time: Jul-04-2022

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