The benefits of fresh milk in glass bottles

The benefits of using glass bottles for fresh milk and the advantages of using glass bottles as milk packaging:

1. Conducive to environmental protection — the milk packaged in glass bottles can be reused many times; this is unparalleled by Tetra Pak, and it is also favored by the whole world;

2. The cost is very low – the cost of packaging products per 10,000 servings of milk bottles is less than one-fourth of the roof box products, which is a very large profit for well-known enterprises;

3. Can visualize the contents—glass bottled products, you can see the milk inside at a glance, which can arouse everyone’s appetite, which has a great effect on marketing; in addition, it can also achieve everyone’s retro feelings, because In everyone’s memory, bottled milk is a very traditional packaging, which is easy for everyone to accept;

4. Good high barrier – no contact with the outside, and the inside of the glass bottle is not easy to be polluted by external pollutants;

5. Low cost in actual production and manufacturing – whether it is cleaning or canning, whether it is high temperature sterilization or ultra-low temperature freezing, the actual operation and cost are better than Tetra Pak;

6. Good sense of hierarchy and higher price—compared to Tetra Pak, glass bottled milk gives people a sense of hierarchy and superiority, obviously purer, and significantly better than roof boxes in terms of level; Most of the high-priced milk on the market is bottled in glass;

7. Can carry out a variety of production and processing – whether it is glass bottle frosting, ink printing, or baking or painting and other production and processing, can be carried out;

8. Compression resistance and high temperature resistance are beneficial to packaging and transportation – relative to Tetra Pak, the compression resistance of glass bottled milk is obvious;

9. It can maintain the original taste and beneficial bacteria of milk—compared to UHT, most people think that the glass bottle of bus milk can maintain the original taste of milk; the beneficial bacteria in bottled frozen yogurt are much higher than those at room temperature Canned milk.

Post time: Jul-04-2022

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