Temperature resistance range of double-layer glass

We all know double-layer glass cups, and almost everyone will have them at home. However, we still hope that you can know some common sense knowledge. It is like double-layer glass cups. The temperature resistance is better than ordinary cups, but There is also a certain range of values, let’s look at the temperature resistance range of the double-layer glass.

Ordinary glass is a poor conductor of heat. When a part of the inner wall of the glass suddenly encounters heat (or cold), the inner layer of the glass expands significantly when heated, but the outer layer is not heated enough to expand less, which makes all parts of the glass There is a large temperature difference between them, and due to the thermal expansion and contraction of the object, the thermal expansion of each part of the glass is uneven. If the uneven difference is too large, the glass may be broken.

At the same time, glass is a very rigid material, and the heat transfer speed is slow. The thicker the glass, the more likely it is to burst when the temperature rises quickly due to the influence of temperature differences. That is to say, the temperature difference between the boiling water and the glass is too large to cause the glass to burst. Therefore, the use temperature of a thicker glass is generally “-5 to 70 degrees Celsius”, or add some cold water before pouring the water, and then add some hot water, after the glass is warm, pour the water out, and then add boiling water.

The use temperature of high temperature resistant double-layer glass is that high borosilicate glass has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, which is about one third of that of ordinary glass. It is not sensitive to temperature and does not have the common thermal expansion of ordinary objects. It is cold-shrinkable, so it has high temperature resistance and high thermal stability. Can be used to hold hot water.

Do not use the tempered glass on the market as a cup that is not resistant to high temperatures. The temperature of tempered glass is the same as that of ordinary glass, generally below 70 degrees. Use caution.
The above is the introduction of the temperature resistance range of the double-layer glass, from -5 to 70 degrees Celsius. Generally, we can ensure that its low temperature does not exceed this range, so we need to pay more attention to the high temperature. In addition, the high temperature of the tempered glass should not exceed 70 degrees Celsius. It also needs more attention in daily use.

Post time: Oct-12-2021

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