Stainless steel ice cubes, easier to use and cleaner than ice cubes

Stainless steel ice cubes

Learn about stainless steel “ice cubes”
This World Cup finally kicked off last night ~ Nini Rabbit followed the Big Bear to watch the audience. When Russia scored the fifth goal, Big Bear almost jumped up, and then drank cold beer stably and excitedly. Summer goes well with ice drinks, football is even better!
Speaking of ice drinks, everybody goes to M Ji K Ji to buy the set meal, and one thing will be found. His cola is better than the outside. However, the brands are obviously the same!
The truth is: the sweetness in cola comes mainly from fructose syrup, the temperature is lower, the sweetness of fructose is greater. The ice cube keeps the cola at 0 ° C, and the frozen cola will gradually heat up after a while. Although it doesn’t seem to increase by one or two degrees Celsius, as soon as you drink it, you know that the taste is different.
Now, do you see the clerk desperately adding ice to the glass?
If you think you’re freezing ice, you might use an ice cube. But the ice tray must be laid flat, or the water will spill out. At this time, you will find that there is often no suitable space for the ice tray in the refrigerator, and how to put it feels uncomfortable ~ The open ice tray is not so hygienic.
I don’t drink ice water for a day, I feel uncomfortable!
Today, Amway has a set of stainless steel ice particles to solve the problem that you can’t drink ice water in summer. Look at the appearance first, it is about the same size as a normal ice cube.
Gently shake, the liquid inside also follows. A mixture of alcohol and purified water, because of their presence, this stainless steel ice grain is more easily frozen.
The main operation is one step: wash and freeze in the refrigerator for three hours. This is because of the compact design, which saves time compared to freezing ice cubes.
After the ice is good, clip it out and put it in the drink ~ No, the World Cup has already started. Watching the ball with good friends, how can there be no wine?
The advantage over ice is that it does not affect the purity of the drink. For example, drink it to prevent it from evaporating. The best way is to drink it and freeze it. Adding too much ice will affect the purity, adding stainless steel ice particles will not, and it will taste like ice.
The lower the temperature, the higher the sweetness of fructose. I also drank so much fructose, my sour is better than others without ice? Why? ? ?
Right, I found that there are a lot of treasure mothers in the fat friends ~ In the summer, I cooked porridge for the baby, but I was afraid of hot mouth, then the ice will quickly warm up.
By the way, some fat friends are worried that it is not safe to use ice water. In fact, it uses 304 stainless steel, which is also used for general insulation cups and rice bowls.

Post time: Dec-17-2019

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