Sintering method of double-layer glass

The double-layer glass has a certain heat preservation effect, because it is a double-layer material. In production, in addition to the choice of materials, it must also pay attention to the process. In the process, sintering is indispensable. Its sintering Methods as below:
1. Arc plasma sintering method
The heating method is different from hot pressing. It applies a pulse power to the product while applying stress, and the material is toughened and densified at the same time. Experiments have proved that this method is quick to sinter and can make the material in the double-layer crystal glass form a fine-grained high-density structure, and it is expected to be more suitable for sintering nano-scale materials.
2, self-propagating sintering method
Through the rapid chemical exothermic reaction of the material itself, a refined material product is made. This method saves energy and reduces costs.
3, microwave sintering method
The method of sintering double-layer double-layer crystal glass by direct heating with microwave energy. Microwave sintering furnace with firing temperature up to 1650℃. If a controlled atmosphere graphite auxiliary heating furnace is used, the temperature can be as high as 2000°C or more.
Double-layer glass is a relatively common cup. However, we also need to learn more about its production methods, processes and other professional knowledge, which will also be beneficial to the selection in the future.

Post time: Jan-12-2022

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