Silicone straws are so good, you still don’t use them?

Most silicone straws are cylindrical, but some are square, oval and other shaped. In daily life, we should drink milk tea, yogurt, drinks and other occasions, we use silica gel straw at most.
Introduction of silica gel straw:
Most silicone straws are cylindrical, but some are square, oval, etc. In daily life, we should drink milk tea, yogurt, drinks and other occasions, we use silica gel straw at most. Or in the public, a lot of people have used traditional straws and silicone straws, no matter what the difference! Why do you have different straw materials? After using them for so long, you don’t know what the advantages of silicone straws are.
Silica straws have many advantages:
Advantage 1
Beauty: in the past, when we went to buy a cup of milk tea or drink, did the boss give you a “bland” straw, as long as we can suck the food! But silicone straws can be seen at first glance, in common colors such as purple, orange, yellow and blue, silicone straws come in rare colors such as mixed color, fluorescent color, and hundreds of colors on the PANTONG color card.
Advantage 2
Environmental protection and health: the average life expectancy of previous generations was probably no less than two-thirds of the current average. With the improvement of medical treatment, environmental protection, sanitation and other aspects, silica gel straw is also improving environmental protection. The silica straw is made of food grade silica gel by curing at high temperature. Compared with traditional plastics and other materials, straws are more environmentally friendly, and the advantages of silicone materials themselves, which are non-toxic and odorless, are fully realized. Some people even have a penchant for chewing on straws, so they have more advantages in environmental protection and hygiene.
Advantage 3
Recycling and utilization: before the plastic straw is generally cheaper, after use generally will be discarded, because the recycling value is not high, nature is not easy to decompose, not only cause a waste of resources, but also bring great harm to the earth’s environmental protection. The cost of silicone straws will be relatively high, but they won’t break down as easily as traditional straws. They can be used many times and are easy to clean without wasting resources.
Advantage 4
Longevity: a nice bonus for those who like to chew on straws. After chewing for a while, you don’t have to throw it away. The silicone straw won’t be so empty that it won’t leave tooth marks on it! ? It does not affect beauty, and can be washed in boiling water for a long time, with a simple disinfection treatment, and then ready to use. Silica gel products in silica gel products, including silica straw, life is very long! Can be pulled off not easily broken, and can return to the original state!

Note: when using silica gel straw, keep away from sharp tools to avoid cutting, avoid open fire, carbonization, etc., to avoid melting! Silicone straws can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 degrees to 220 degrees.

Post time: Jan-03-2020

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