Silicone Shot Cup

The silicone shot cup is a silicone quilt made from the raw material of food grade silicone. It can be used for promotion or gift delivery, and can be adapted to the needs of advertising and printed with specific logos and patterns. It has the characteristics of radiation protection, high temperature resistance, no fear of falling, environmental protection and non-toxicity. It can be made into different colors and can also be made into a fluorescent cup. Therefore, the silicone shot cup is a kind of product with environmental protection concept in the gift market today, which is deeply loved by consumers.




Is the silicone shot cup safe?
Many people worry that if they use silicone shot cups for a long time, they are worried that they will have an impact on their health. Is the silicone shot cup really safe? In fact, this problem does not have to be too worried, as long as it is a food-grade silicone material, it will not cause adverse health effects. We know that food grade silicone products are most commonly found in baby products, such as silicone nipples, silicone bottles, and silicone toys. Therefore, the baby is suitable for the product, do not have to worry too much about its safety. Because silicone materials are environmentally safe, healthy and non-toxic, they will be used more in daily necessities, maternal and child, and gifts.



Post time: Sep-27-2019

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