Led Coaster Light

In many gatherings, we often can’t tell which is the water glass we have used. The LED coasters light can solve the problem.

LED is called the fourth-generation light source. It has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, safety, long life, low power consumption, low heat, high brightness, waterproof, miniature, shockproof, easy dimming, concentrated beam, and easy maintenance.

LED can be used widely in various indications, displays, decorations, backlights, general lighting, etc.

The LED coasters light has uniform brightness and smooth surface.The LED coasters light is placed on the bottom of the cup gently.It raises your wine and beverage to a higher level instantly, which can attract people’s attention.

No matter what kind of occasion, the colorful and elegant light can distinguish many cups easily, which is convenient and beautiful.

There is a large area that can be printed with LOGO, which is suitable for gift selection.

 All production is controlled strictly by QC quality inspectors.It is a high-quality and inexpensive product.There is high class material and excellent heat dissipation.

The LED coasters light is suitable for large-scale event celebrations, advertising promotions, gift promotions, business gifts, nightclubs and other places.

Post time: Jul-24-2020

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