How to remove tea stains from glasses

Many people like to drink tea, but the tea scale on the cup is difficult to remove. A layer of tea scale growing on the inner wall of the tea set contains cadmium, lead, iron, arsenic, mercury and other metal substances. They are brought into the body when drinking tea, and combine with nutrients such as protein, fat and vitamins in food to form insoluble precipitates, which hinder the absorption of nutrients. At the same time, the entry of these oxides into the body can also cause diseases and functional disorders of the nervous, digestive, urinary and hematopoietic systems, especially arsenic and cadmium can cause cancer, cause fetal malformations, and endanger health. Therefore, those who have the habit of drinking tea should always clean the tea scale on the inner wall of the tea set in time. In order to save you from worrying about this, here are a few ways to remove tea scale:

1. Remove the tea scale on the metal tea separator. When the metal tea separator is used, it will become black due to the tea scale. If it cannot be washed off with a medium-sized detergent, it can be soaked in vinegar or bleached. It can be easily descaled after soaking.

2. Remove the tea scale on the teacup or teapot. After the teacup and teapot have been used for a long time, there will be a lot of tea scale, which can be easily removed by rubbing with a sponge dipped in salt.

3. To remove small pieces of tea scale, soak it in a solution of bleach or cleaning powder and leave it overnight to remove tea scale.

4. The easiest way to remove tea scale from potato skins is to use potato skins to help. Put the potato skin in a teacup, then put it in boiling water, cover it, suffocate it for 5 to 10 minutes, and then shake it up and down a few times to remove the tea scale.

5. Scrub with toothpaste or broken egg shells, and then rinse with water.

6. Soak in dilute vinegar for 30 minutes, then the gloss will be as new. Delicate tea sets can be wiped with a cloth dipped in vinegar, and where the fingers cannot reach, a soft toothbrush dipped in a solution of vinegar and salt can be used to wipe gently.

Post time: Aug-08-2022

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