Glass cup of tea scale removal technology

Many people like to drink tea, but the tea stains on the cup are difficult to remove. A layer of tea dirt grows in the inner wall of the tea set, which contains a variety of metal substances such as cadmium, lead, iron, arsenic, and mercury. They bring their bodies when drinking tea, and they are combined with nutrients such as protein, fat, and vitamins in food to generate difficult precipitation and hinder nutrition absorption. At the same time, these oxides into the body can also cause nerves, digestion, urinary hematopoietic system disease and dysfunction, especially arsenic and cadmium can cause cancer, causing fetal malformations and harmful health. Therefore, those who have tea drinking habits should often clean the inner walls of the tea set in time. In order to make you no longer hurt this matter, the following methods introduced several methods of tea removal:

1. Remove the tea stain on the metal tea separation and use the metal tea partition, which will become dark due to the tea scale. If you can not wash it with a medium cleaner, you can soak it with vinegar, or use a bleach to use a bleach agent. After soaking, you can easily get dirt.

2. Remove the tea dirt on the tea cup or teapot. After a long time, the tea cup and teapot will be rubbed by a lot of tea dirt and rubbing salt with sponges.

3. Except for small tea stains, it can be soaked in a solution for bleach or cleaning powder, and put it for one night to remove the tea scale.

4. The easiest way to remove the potato skin is: help with potato skins. Put the potato skin in the tea cup, then put it in boiling water, cover it, and get it in 5 to 10 minutes, and shake it up and down a few times to remove the tea scale in it.

5. Use toothpaste or broken eggshell to scrub, then rinse with water.

6. Soak in diluted acid vinegar for 30 minutes, you can be shiny. Exquisite tea sets can be wiped with cloth with vinegar, where the fingers are not enough, you can use a soft hair toothbrush to dip vinegar and salt mixed solution to lightly wipe it.

Material of glass

Glass cups are a very common daily necessities in daily life, because everyone needs to drink water, naturally they need water cups, and the glass is our commonly used water drinking tool. So, what are the classifications of glass cups? I believe that many friends want to know this problem. Let’s follow Xiao Bolu to find out in detail.

Post time: Mar-16-2023

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