Everyone knows that the double-layer glass

Everyone knows that the double-layer glass has a certain color, colorful and different patterns. This is associated with the coloring method of the glass. I don’t understand that people think it’s simple, but is that true? Let us take a look together

1. The chemical method is to form the color of the film through chemical oxidation in a specific solution, but it must be controlled by a reference telegram to keep the color of the product consistent. “Yin Ke Fa” is more commonly used.

2. The high-temperature oxidation method is to keep the workpiece within a certain process range and then immerse it in a specific molten salt. After a certain chemical reaction, an oxide film with a certain thickness is formed, which presents a variety of different colors.

3. Ion deposition oxide or oxide method for double glass cups. This method is more suitable for processing large quantities of products. For example, the watches we usually wear. Many watch cases and watch bands are plated with titanium, and the color appears generally It is golden yellow. The principle of this method is to make stainless steel workpieces undergo vacuum evaporation coating in a vacuum coating machine. Because of its high cost and large investment, it is not suitable for small batch product processing.

In addition, there is the electrochemical method of coloring double-layer glass cups. This method is more popular in commerce. It is similar to the chemical method, except that the color of the film is formed by electrochemical oxidation, because of its high complexity. Therefore, it is less in industrial applications.

This is also the reason why everyone chooses double-layer glass. It has many colors and pictures, no less than plastic cups, and the glass is more environmentally friendly, durable, healthy, and assured. It can also have a panoramic view of the soup in the glass and enhance your life. Taste, it is a pleasant enjoyment.

Post time: Sep-22-2021

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