enamel cup

1. Please wash thoroughly with detergent in warm water before use.

2. Enamel is a fragile item. Do not touch it when using it, otherwise the porcelain will fall off.

3. The lead content of the enamel cup must meet the national daily enamel standard before it can be used with confidence

Enamel cup: coating a layer of ceramic glaze on the surface of the metal cup and firing at high temperature; enamel coating on the metal surface can prevent the metal from rusting, so that the metal will not form an oxide layer on the surface when heated and can resist various liquids erosion.


1. Billet making: take a piece of iron, punch it into a barrel shape with a machine, trim the welding handle, and make a billet;

2. Glaze slurry: buy some enamel glaze (including bottom glaze and surface glaze), add water and clay according to the formula, and prepare the glaze slurry after modulation and grinding;

3. Glazing: evenly coat the bottom glaze on the inside and outside of the iron cup, and then dry it;

4. Bottom glaze: get a stove, which can burn to more than 800, and burn it in the stove for two or three minutes.

5. Top glaze: apply the top glaze to the cup with the bottom glaze, and put it in the stove for two minutes

Post time: May-12-2022

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