double-layer glass and hollow glass

The first thing that has the heat preservation effect in the glass is the double-layer glass. The hollow glass is the more commonly used cup in our daily use. Both of these two products are glasses. For these two different use glasses , The use effect is different. Let’s take a look at the difference between them!

1. Double-layer glass and hollow glass performance characteristics: double-layer glass and hollow glass have good heat insulation, sound insulation, heat preservation, anti-condensation, reduce cold radiation security performance, and save energy. It is the choice of energy-saving glass.

2. The difference between double-layer glass and hollow glass: double-sided tape is sandwiched between double-layer glass, which will shrink and deform under the condition of long-term use due to climate changes. In winter or when it rains, the middle of the double-glazed glass will be fogged, which will easily allow moisture and dust to enter, which will affect the visual appearance and make it difficult to handle.

3. There is a vacuum in the middle of the double-layer glass, which can be insulated, and it is not hot to hold. The insulating effect of hollow glass is not as good as that of double layers.

4. Insulating glass is mainly used in the field of building decoration, and can not only improve the thermal insulation performance of the building envelope, but also especially improve the thermal insulation performance of the windows. It is an economical and effective method to prevent the heat loss of the building. The cup made of hollow glass has more advantages such as heat preservation and anti-condensation.

So I understand the difference between them when using it, and it will be more convenient to choose the appropriate one to use.

Post time: Sep-22-2021

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