Do you know the difference between a crystal cup and a glass cup?

Crystal cup is actually a kind of glass, the main component is also silica, but lead, barium, zinc, titanium and other substances are introduced into it. Because this kind of glass has high transparency and refractive index, and its appearance is smooth and crystal clear, it is called crystal glass. The difference between crystal glass and glass is introduced below:
1. The thermal conductivity of crystal is stronger than that of glass, so it should be cooler when touching the crystal by hand than touching the glass.
2, look at the hardness. Natural crystal has a hardness of 7 and glass has a hardness of 5, so crystal can scratch glass.
3. Look at the refractive index. Lift a crystal cup and rotate it against the light. You will find that it is like an exquisite handicraft. It is white and transparent, reflecting the charming colorful light. That is because the crystal can absorb luster and even ultraviolet rays, while ordinary Glassware has no gloss and no refraction.
4. Listen to the sound. Lightly tapping or flicking the utensils with your fingers, crystal glassware can make a light and brittle metal sound, and a beautiful residual sound is rippling in the breath, while ordinary glassware only makes a dull “click, click” sound.
The difference between crystal glass and glass is hardness, sound, etc.
Glass manufacturer reminds: As a cup that is used every day, it is recommended to use glass and double-layer glass to be healthier. The truth is known, and the above mentioned.

Post time: Jan-12-2022

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