Coffee mugs

Coffee mugs introduction:
The coffee mug is sintered from anion powder, tourmaline, high-quality clay and other basic materials. The negative ions emitted by the high coffee mug can electrolyze the water, make the macromolecular group in the water smaller, and enhance the water’s solubility and penetration. Therefore, the drinking water contained in the coffee cup has a stronger dissolving ability for the beverage, and the beverage effect is better. Pour water into the coffee cup to increase the activity of water, regulate the body’s secretion, adjust the body’s yin and yang balance, promote metabolism, improve the body’s microcirculation, and have a good health care effect on the relief of various diseases.

Basic requirements for coffee mugs:
Drinking coffee is as normal as drinking water, but to have a good mugs of coffee, in addition to careful baking and ingenious handling techniques, coffee mugs also play an extremely important role. The most basic one, the coffee mug is absolutely not chemically reactive with coffee, so the active metal must not be made into a coffee mug such as an aluminum mug. The cup of the coffee mug should be thick and the mug should not be wide and the mug should make the heat of the coffee condense, and it is not easy to cool down quickly, which will not affect the taste and taste of the coffee.

How to clean the coffee mug:
As for the cleaning of the coffee mug, due to the excellent quality of the coffee mug, the mug surface is tight, the pores are small, and it is not easy to adhere to the coffee scale, so after drinking the coffee, as long as it is rinsed with water immediately, the cup can be kept clean. After long-term use of the coffee mug, or if it is not washed immediately after use, the coffee scale adheres to the surface of the cup. At this time, the mug can be soaked in lemon juice to remove the coffee scale. If you can’t completely remove the coffee scale at this time, use a neutral dishwashing detergent, damp it on the sponge, gently wipe it, and then rinse it off with water. During the cleaning process of the coffee mug, it is strictly forbidden to use a hard brush to scrub, and to avoid the use of strong acid and alkali detergents.

Post time: Aug-06-2019

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