Causes of bubbles in the double-layer glass during use

When we usually drink water in a double-layer glass, sometimes we find bubbles in the cup. Where do these bubbles come from? What is the cause of the bubbles in the double-layer glass?

1, temperature

The temperature of the glass directly interferes with the viscosity of the glass solution, the tension of the surface layer, and the dissolution strength of the gas in the glass solution.

2, time

If the disappearing time of the bubbles is not sufficient, the bubbles will be left in the double-layer glass to form bubbles.

3, redox

There are many vertical temperature distribution curves in the double-layer glass cup, so that the glass liquid forms two large circulating convections, the size of the melting rate, the fluctuation of the discharge volume, the distribution of fuel and the organization of the combustion flame, and the glass Factors such as redox state will significantly affect the temperature and temperature stability of the hot spot area.

To evaluate the quality of a double-layer glass cup, it is an important basis to observe whether there are bubbles in the cup body.

Post time: Jul-26-2021

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