Application of double-layer glass to light wave energy

Double-layer glass research technology is the application of light wave energy, so the product made is more in line with people’s health requirements. In order to deepen your impression of the following content, we will specifically introduce the application of double-layer glass to light wave energy:
Its principle is to put the finished double-layer glass into the far-infrared-red and red device, and after a series of operations such as temperature and time are set, the device can emit far-infrared to the double-layer glass.
Experts believe that this light wave can cut water molecules, turning the water contained in the double-layer glass into small molecular water, which can accelerate human metabolism. The developed far-infrared catering equipment processing equipment does not need to add anything when processing. The auxiliary items not only maintain the original performance of the double-layer glass cup, but also have a simple process and convenient operation, and the manufacturing cost is lower.
Today’s double-layer glass, which is increasingly pursuing a healthy life, is not only a product for us to enhance the mood, but also more families will regard it as an important standard for a healthy life.
Double-layer glass is something we often use in our daily life. In order to make our double-layer glass can be used for a longer time, we still need to pay attention to some problems when using the cup. In the winter, we may encounter the use of glass products that will explode when the cold and heat are alternated, but this is rarely the case for double-layer glass products of qualified quality. Next, let’s understand the double-layer glass. What problems should we pay attention to to avoid accidents during the use of the cup?
Everyone knows that when buying a double-layer glass, you still have to choose a product with better quality, because such a cup may last a little longer, so we should pay attention when it comes to boiling water because of the double-layer glass The interlayer air is a poor conductor of heat. Another feature is that the thickness of the glass layer is relatively small and it is not easy to burst after pouring boiling water. Therefore, in order to avoid dangerous situations when pouring boiling water, it is still necessary to choose products of qualified quality.

Post time: Jun-21-2021

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