Advantages and disadvantages of plastic milk bottles

Suitable for older babies, advantages: light material, not easy to break, suitable for use when going out and feeding the baby by himself. Disadvantages: It is easy to leave milk scale, and it is difficult to clean. Some of these materials are now being phased out due to their toxicity.

【Advantages of plastic feeding bottles】

Lightweight material: Compared with the glass bottle, it will be much lighter, which is convenient for the baby to take.

Not easy to break: No matter how many times your baby is dropped, the plastic feeding bottle is as good as ever.

Easy to carry: The bottle is light and easy to carry when going out.

【Disadvantages of plastic feeding bottles】

Difficult to clean: Plastic milk bottles tend to leave milk scum, which is difficult to clean.

Not heat-resistant: plastic has low heat resistance, and may release substances harmful to the baby’s body under high temperature cooking.

Summary: Plastic feeding bottles are more suitable for babies after 3 months.

Post time: Jun-23-2022

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