Acceptance standard acceptance of glasses

It can be said that we have used glasses in every household. In fact, many people don’t know very well that before glasses leave the factory, they need to undergo strict inspection and acceptance step by step before they can be sold on the market. In fact, the acceptance markings of glass cups are almost uniform, and many people don’t know its specific standards very well. Let’s briefly understand it together:
1. First of all, the size of the glass:
Whether it is from the cup height, thread, mouth height, etc. of the glass, the acceptance must be carried out according to the specific design, and the capacity of the glass: According to the actual capacity and the specification deviation of 5%, you can check and accept according to Related standards for testing.
2. Then there are the performance aspects of the glass:
The degree of coordination between the glass lid and the cup body: This requires special attention during the acceptance, so that the user should use it to open and close naturally, and there should be no slippage.
3, the performance of the lid:
The inner and outer body of the cup cover cannot be detached, the plastic mouth and the mold seal cannot be scratched, and the plating layer should not fall off or leak the bottom.
4. Then there is the resistance to cold and heat of the glass:
During the acceptance, you can pour boiling water of 100 degrees Celsius at room temperature. After standing for 5 minutes, the glass cup body does not appear cracks, breaks, etc. It is basically OK.
5. Also check the glass for any peculiar smell:
There should be no peculiar smell in the glass or the lid.
6. Appearance standard requirements:
After    is the requirement for the appearance of the glass, the surface of the product should be kept in a uniform color, and there should be no flaws such as cracks or nicks on the surface.
The above is about the acceptance criteria for double-layer glass. Do you all know about it? Later, if you encounter any problems that cannot be solved during the purchase process, you can judge according to our introduction above.

Post time: Jun-21-2021

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