A good plush toy, design is very important

Now more and more people like to design their own unique image to make various types of finished products, such as plush dolls, plastic toys, key buckles, pillows, etc., no matter what kind of product, one piece Good products must first have a soul design. Designers basically combine market research, market trends, and company or personal representative elements to design, so as to capture consumer psychology, and the design of plush toys Combining the cutting, cartoon art, and modeling art of toy dolls, the design steps of plush toy dolls are basically divided into the following:

Determine creativity and ideas

According to my initial thoughts on the plush toy, I draw a prototype and a rough look. According to this look, I collect personalized model drawings to make a plan, and then measure various factors from different angles and according to various indicators. The final plan is determined among various plans.

Design renderings

Draw out the appearance features of the plush toy specifically, from the front, back, and side. Only in this way can we achieve the best design effect of our ideas.

Determine the size and proportion of the sample according to the design renderings

According to the design effect drawing, determine the proportion of the artwork, and determine the proportion of each part of the physical sample according to the sample size. The pattern of toys should start from the whole, starting from the large version, usually from the body, so that it is easy to unfold other versions and modify.

Three-dimensional picture

This is one of the most effective and simple methods. It mainly converts the design renderings into three-dimensional three-dimensional images. According to the determined proportions of each part, a genre picture is made to show the formed lines that we want to cut and stitch.

Picture of material used

The pieces of plush toys are similar to pieces of clothing, except that the pieces of clothing are more regular, while the pieces of plush toys are ever-changing. Each set of pieces determines a three-dimensional animal shape, which determines the appearance of the design. Bad, it is also the most important and most complicated and cumbersome in design.

Trial production of design samples

The designed pieces are repeatedly produced and modified through actual plush toy materials, so as to achieve the closest design effect.

Confirm the piece

After the trial production reaches the best effect, we will confirm it and draw it down, including the materials, colors, and hair direction.

Confirm the piece

After these processes, the design is not complete until the pieces are finally determined. Each plush toy manufacturer has to go through this complicated and cumbersome process before a new product goes to the market, which is also a crucial process.

Post time: Jan-26-2021

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